Athena Business Services
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We move swiftly through our process to ensure your satisfaction and the exactly right placement for your unique needs.

  • Stakeholder investment - We will spend a considerable amount of time up front getting to know the key constituents, the role to be filled, and the culture. We will learn the strengths and makeup of the existing team. Stakeholder investment requires a time commitment of the client and search form. Both parties must be willing to engage.

  • Confidential Position Description - The creation of a compelling marketing document is critical. We will assist in tailoring a position description, including key information from the stakeholder investment phase. We are often asked to keep our clients' name confidential or to recruit a competitor's top talent.

  • Research & Candidate Development - We limit the number of engagements we take on, therefore we stay nimble. We will communicate, sharing developing profiles. We will share honest and unfiltered market feedback with you.

  • Candidate Presentation - Candidates can be presented as a "slate" or an individual rolling basis as they are vetted. All early stage reference checks will be complete by presentation.

  • Progress Calls - Frequent communication is critical. We require weekly or biweekly calls to keep engaged candidates engaged and the search on target. We will also ask for a client review to ensure we are meeting or exceeding expectations.

  • Reference Checks - Formal reference checks will occur as a finalist emerges. We will create a "profile" that includes the candidate's attitude, work ethic, motivations, and possibilities for advancement into future roles. We determine attributes through Extended Disc profiling and for high-level positions, and Emotional Intelligence Testing. We will administer background checks and BMV clarification if requested.

  • Offer Negotiation - There are many aspects to consider; Relocation, advancement, family situation. We will work closely on all aspects of the preliminary offer expectations, both with the employer and candidate.

  • Feedback Process - A new employer's experiences are most important in the first sixty days (and our guarantee rests on it). Once a part of our team, we will connect for regular feedback with the client and employee to assist with on-boarding and cultural adviser.